AMD Radeon RAMDisk 2017 Free Download


AMD Radeon RAMDisk 2017 Free Download – AMD Radeon RAMDisk is a free of charge tool which creates a online drive burning up to 4GB of one’s body memory. The limit rises to 6GB if you have AMD Radeon storage area installed, or more to 64GB if you purchase one of the commercial variants ($9.99 – $18.99). AMD Radeon RAMDisk 2017 Free Download

The RAMDisk outperforms every other storage advertising by an enormous margin – maybe 100x faster than an SSD – gives you a myriad of speedup possibilities. You can run commonly-used lightweight programs following that, maybe put it to use to store a video recording file you’re participating in so that it won’t decrease other Computer activities, perhaps save your valuable web browser cache on the drive for superfast read/ write rates of speed.


Setup is often as easy as choosing how big is the RAMDisk you would like to create, and supplying it a drive notice. (Don’t allocate too much Memory to your brand-new drive, normally Glass windows and program performance are affected as well as your system might be slower overall.) There are other available choices to explore, specifically the capability to save the RAMDisk to your hard drive when the Laptop or computer shuts down, and insert it on shoe again. That’s useful if you desire a persistent drive, for example to set up an application, but it could put in a apparent wait to your shutdown and startup process. AMD Radeon RAMDisk 2017 Free Download

AMD Radeon RAMDisk 2017 Free Download Version 4.4 (Changelog):

  • Auto NTFS formating
  • Automatic project of Drive letter
  • Several trivial fixes implemented
  • Added support for 24GB and 12GB licenses
  • Kept up to date user’s manual

AMD Radeon RAMDisk 2017 Free Download Features removed:

  1. User will never be in a position to use Body fat16 or Excess fat32 or unformatted drive as a format option for RAMDISK, through the GUI. NTFS shall be default format option through the GUI.
  2. User won’t have the capability to build a RAMDisk without specifying a graphic way on harddisk.
  3. Save of image data file on non-system drives has been made optional.
  4. Space reserved for Operating-system risen to 1GB from 600MB.

AMD Radeon RAMDisk 2017 Free Download For Windows