Teramind 2017 Free Download

Teramind 2017 Free Download

Teramind 2017 Free Download – When using an employee-tracking program, you will most often deploy it in silent mode. This allows you to filter, track and observe the behavior of your employees without them knowing it. Teramind offers silent tracking as well as a transparent mode, which this program refers to as Freelance mode. This is a good option if you have contract employees, freelancers or employees who work from home.

Teramind offers two different options for deploying its workplace-monitoring program. You can have it installed on-premises, which is the standard for these programs. On-site deployment means you need to dedicate server space to run the program and store that data. If you have an established IT infrastructure, on-site deployment is a good option, especially if you need to maintain regulatory compliance. Teramind 2017 Free Download

The core function of any employee monitoring software program is the ability to track an employee’s computer usage. This goes beyond tracking the websites they’re visiting. It discloses the files they open, delete, or modify; the documents they print; and whether they transfer files to a removable drive.

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Teramind 2017 Free Download s

Teramind allows you to monitor employee activity in real time rather than providing snapshots that can be reviewed later. You can also use this program to create rules in real time. You do this by setting a threat level for certain activities and creating actions and responses specifically tailored to that action. For example, if an employee is using Facebook, you can set the threat level to low and give them a warning after they’ve been on that site for 15 minutes. For a high-risk action, such as copying sensitive files to a flash drive, the employee’s computer may be locked. Teramind 2017 Free Download

In addition to monitoring employee activity for security threats, Teramind evaluates employee productivity. This workplace monitoring program shows you how active your employees are, so you can see not just what sites or programs they are using, but how actively they are engaging with them. This means you can see which of your employees are idle, and you can use Teramind’s productivity reports to uncover inefficiencies in your workforce and take steps to correct them. Teramind also monitors when your employees log in and out. Teramind 2017 Free Download

Website filtering and blocking is one of the core components of employee monitoring. Teramind allows you to set up rules that are triggered when a user goes to a specific website or a certain type of website. You can either give an employee a warning for visiting these sites or block them completely. You can create exceptions and allow them to visit those sites, if there is a need to use those sites for a work-related project.

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One unique aspect of Teramind is that you can bunch employees into different groups and create rules that govern those specific teams. For example, you can give unlimited access to Facebook and Twitter to your social media team while restricting those sites for the customer service team. In addition, Teramind allows you to set aside certain times of day for monitoring and filtering so employees can use certain sites when they’re on their lunch break.

You can also use this employee monitoring software to block files from being transferred to a removable drive. This ensures that no vital data is given to competitors.